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Branding… it isn’t something I ever really think of until I received my first order of swag from Vistaprint. I love swag and it is even better when it is something you created.

I love everything about our farm logo. It is lime green, it is simple, it is easy to craft with (not tons of detail!), the font is fresh but not too out there. It was perfect… until I went to edit our location to it! What font did I use?!? How will people know that “Local” is Cobble Hill and I am not just toting around a sweet bag I picked up somewhere else?!

It became a bit of a hunt. I found a paper trail and saw that I purchased the logo from Vectorstock, but then knew I would have edited our farm name onto it in a free online editing program. A program I could not remember. I completely forgot what I used. Without finding that program I was on my own to sift through millions of fonts to find ours. After looking up the image dates, scouring my search history and giving up on what free photo editor I might have used back in August, I thought to look at the file extension types on the logo. One was pxl.jpg. PXL! It turns out the original online editor I used was Success! When I pulled up the window, I was already logged in and it showed the logo I had last edited 94 days ago. I can’t tell you how good that felt.

I won’t forget this time! I looked up and downloaded the fonts so I can have them forever. Then I emailed copies to Mike to make sure I could hunt them down. As the final piece of the puzzle, I am blogging them here too. We have used “Loverstruck” for our name and location, and “Roundaries” for our tagline. Success feels good! Probably because I had to work hard at it!

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