The Blueberries are in

A few years ago the farm planted 300 various blueberry plants. When we moved in they were completely overgrown in grass taller than me – for those of you who know me. This is a big accomplishment! The pigs rototilled the field and a couple of months ago while they still had some leaves, I was able to flag 18 plants that had survived. Those plucky little plants are drought resistant and have been naturally neglected, uh, selected to be low maintenance. While these plants are fighters, we are tagging them out and going to make life a little easier for them.

For reference, I am 6’ tall. Those Canadian thistles are HUGE!

This Saturday (a sunny day!) we moved all of the flagged dormant plants to the driveway along the top pasture. It was a good thing they were flagged because without leaves it would have been tricky to pick the right ones out of the 300. Thank you “past us” for making a choice to help “future us”. We reaped the benefits of that choice for sure.

The plants are “precisely” one shovel length from the fence. They should certainly make this an imperial measurement if it isn’t already. It came in super handy and I think Mike did a good job making a straight line. We had 4 bushes at our last place which was enough for us. That means if the birds and kids don’t beat us to them, we will have enough to share. Summer, here we come!

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