Who is who at the zoo!

I wanted to take a second to introduce our two of our lovely gilts (at the time of these photos) and boar, Cedar, Willow, and Forrest. For breeding reference and herd improvements, I find it super useful to visualize each animal as they grow out as well as the phenotypes of their parents. This dynamic post is something I will refer to over and over again over the years.


WN Jenny AKPR 12244 (Mahia Love/Jenny x Te Whangi /Rona) at 10 months

Gunther (SIRE)

Rainbow Te Whangi 1+ x USA Rona 1

Emilia (DAM)

USA Mahia Love 63 x USA Jenny 133


WN Wilsons Gina AKPR 11033 (Andrew/Kereopa x Te Whangi/Wilsons Gina) at 10 months

Princeton (SIRE)

BVF Andrew 32 x SHF Kereopa 5

Kyra (DAM)

Rainbow Te Whangi 3 x USA Wilsons Gina 6


WN Boris AKPR 14440 (Boris/Aria Giana x Andrew/Kereopa)at 8 months

Boudin Noir

KKP Boris 12 x NZ Aria Giana 1


BVF Andrew 32 x SHF Kereopa 7

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