Pigs and Figs

Spring is just around the corner and things are starting to pick up here. Everyone is enjoying the longer days. We can get more done and everything around here is becoming more productive. Mike is a pro gardener now. He spent last weekend grafting a patch onto our girdled mulberry tree and time will tell how well he did. Those little voles were tenacious and did quite a number on the trunk over the winter. Mike’s new skills will be handy for propagating more fruit trees over the next few years.

Planting and grafting!

The pigs were in good spirits this morning. It is common to see them lounging and spooning up a storm in the sunshine. I caught a quick video today of calling the girls up for breakfast. Listening to their daily oinks is still a highlight of our day around here. While the ladies had breakfast, the boys explored a new field full of yummy spring grass.

Breakfast! Nobody comes late for breakfast around here!

As for the figs, we went to plant them today and found that over the last week all their leaves had come out and that there is a 1.25” fig on the Vern’s fig tree already. A fig!!! In February! This whole indoor solarium idea is something we might play with for a few of the plants. Who knows, we might get one of those elusive second crops of figs that we hear about further south. A fig tree or two can keep our limes and lemons company. Space is limited though and our climate is forgiving, so most of the figs will be destined for transplant this March.

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