Handcrafted Lard Soap

Pure. Simple. Lard soap.

Lard soap bars are long-lasting, have a gentle cleansing action, and a soft creamy lather. Their gentle and natural qualities are well suited for all skin types including both sensitive, oily, and dry skin.

We use the old-fashioned, cold process lard soap method. All soaps are made right here on our farm. All our soaps are based on three pure and simple ingredients: filtered water, lard, and lye. From there, essential oils or natural enhancements like lavender flowers (grown here on our farm of course!) are added for fragrance and in some bars, or a touch of coconut, olive, almond, or castor oil to finetune the “character” of each bar of soap. A

All of our lard is raised and rendered on our farm from our very own ethically raised and pastured grazed kunekune pigs.

It takes time to make great cured soap!

Stay tuned for updates as our cured soaps become ready! Expect to find some year-round staples that we always have on hand as well as some seasonal limited releases.